COUVALOUP is the name of the village where my grandparents had a beautiful French country house, and where I used to spend most of my childhood holidays. Visiting from the city it was my real first interaction with the countryside, and inspired my love for animals and nature.



COUVALOUP translates to the ‘wolf’s den’ in English, and is a reflection of my dreams with influences from my travels all around the world. COUVALOUP is where sophisticated luxury meets the countryside to create a mystical scene.


It is a place to find peace, surrounded by good energy and homegrown quality food. In COUVALOUP we would love our guests to feel welcome and relaxed, and to create special moments that may bring joy to people’s hearts.



Laurent Bayard




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36 Garden street
Western Cape
South Africa

Laurent Bayard


t: + 27 22 723 1851

m: +27 84 662 0277
e: laurent@couvaloup.co.za